The castle has very large libraries at his disposal. Indeed, to the 18.000 volumes which have been carefully preserved, can be added a collection of about 300 cards or prints and a stock of archives constituting a linear of about ten meter long.
Most of them date back to the XVIIIth century, a few date back to the first half of the XIXth century and a smaller number to previous periods, but the greatest majority of these works is covered with a genuine binding of its time.
They are in good condition in spite of slight damages such as worn out linings and joints or accidental specks.
History, political, economy, science, travels, genealogy, erudition and law constitute the main stock of this library.
All these books are of an exceptional interest as far as their quality represents a striking contribution to the history of ideas.
Quite a big number of volumes bears the arms of the La Rochefoucauld and a great number includes a book plate with the name of the family.

In the field of History
The history of the Lorraine, The Netherlands, The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, The Memoirs of Comines, the Military Tactics, The History of the French Academy, etc.

In the field of political economy, law, social science
English pauperism, history of the constitution, finances of the United States, minutes of the chamber of deputies, Chamber of Lords, slavery, prisons, etc.

Int the periodicals and various items
Reports of the national assembly with a great number of Memoirs addressed to the so-called assembly, Rookes travels in Arabia, the Encyclopedia of Arts and Crafts, etc.

In the field of science, travels, dictionaries
Laennec, Treaty of future clairvoyance, White’s diary, travel to Abyssinia, Chaptal, Colomies and America, Cook’s travels, the Bible of Saurin, etc.